Monday, September 27, 2004

Pink and Purple Mary Janes

Here's one of the pair of slippers I finished this weekend, made of ping-pong wool in "pink power", and some anonymous acrylic in plum. They are cozy! Posted by Hello

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Anonymous said...

Hello from a southern canuk knitter who had a 15 year sojourn in NW ON at Atikokan with out adventures to Thunder Bay for supplies and Fort Frances for school trips with the kids. Spent bi yearly sessions of nirvana at QUetico Centre for Calligraphy with the Quills....miss the Northern Light, the friendships and the awesome talented weavers, spinners, knitters, quilters, potters etc. Congratulations on your wonderful blog a visual treat. you must have somme wonderful stories to tell of you geological forays into Dryden, Sioux Lookout etc. are you studying at the university in ThunderBay? Well really just wanted to say hello and wish you well in your studies, looking forward to seeing more of ywip's, haave a few of my own. Was going through my stash to send some stuff to my DD and foud the Atikokan bundle heheh and got to reminiscing about Bearskin Air etc. My regards and looking forward to seeing your posts on Socknitter's and Jeanne T's list. Congratulation on your new co. will have to get some patterns they are gorgeous! Take care, Cathy in very snowy and still cold Niagara:o)