Saturday, December 01, 2007

More percentages

(If you're wondering why I keep posting these incredibly boring lists, it has a two-fold purpose. First, I feel guilted into working on my items because the progress is out there for the world to see. Second, I get a LOT of satisfaction out of crossing things off these lists.)

I'm stressed because I received a scholarship letter a few weeks ago, and I was going to bring in the acceptance this Monday. However, I just found out that they mailed out the letter on Oct 16, and I was supposed to accept the scholarship within 10 days of them issuing it to me....of course I didn't have the letter at that time. I'm going to go in and beg for it on Monday, wish me luck!

In Christmas news, I am now at the following percentages:

Lace Hat - Done
Felted Clogs - 50%
Fingerless Mittens - Done
Hat - Done
Socks - 50%

Candy Cane Socks for me - 0%

In school news, I am now at the following percentages:

Labs - Done
Lab final (Dec. 3) - 3/4 studying
Min Dep paper (Dec. 5)- Done
Min Dep presentation(Dec. 3) - 10%
Isotope Paper (Dec. 5) - Done
Isotope Presentation - Done and presented 90%!
Petroleum Group Paper (Dec. 7) - Data collected and analysed, no text yet
Petroleum Group Presentation (Nov. 29)- Done
Thesis - On temporary hold

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Unknown said...

Hi Karlie!
You don't know me, but I swear to you I'm not crazy...I have a 4 year old son who the doctor suspects has "asthmatic croup". Anyway, I am trying to search for info on the web and am having a hard time getting anywhere. Your blog came up in my search and I read that you had this (your blog a couple of years ago). Anyway, this is a long shot but I just thought I would ask you about it, when you found out about it, whatever. Like I said, I promise I'm not crazy, just a mom who lives outside of LA. Can you shoot me an email if you have any info or advice to share?
Thanks, and sorry to approach you like this!