Saturday, December 08, 2007


Everything is done, except my grad school application. I got all my essays done, all my presentations, and my lab final. My finals were deferred, and I had surgery yesterday.

Turns out all this pain was caused by a number of adhesions from my appendectomy in 2004. They got in there and lysed them (basically cut them apart with a heated tool), and I got to go home. Unfortunately, I had a nasty cold which has turned into bronchitis, and the subsequent coughing has left me and my incisions in a lot of pain. I had to go in to the ER again today to get some different medicine, both to help the pain and to stop the coughing so that I don't cause any damage. There's a very VERY small likelihood I could "burst" my incisions or the adhesions but it should be OK. Because it's a little harder for me to care for myself and Sean needs to work, I'm going home to Dryden for a little bit. Have Mom, Dad, and Becky care for me for awhile!

The only Christmas presents I have left to knit are the socks and a neckwarmer (new addition to the list, but it's Knitty's Tudora and will be a very short delightful knit). That's what I'll be doing this week, along with knitting my own candy cane socks and some mitts for myself.


Aimend said...

I hope you feel better soon Karlie :) At least the appendicitis-like pains had an actual cause and weren't another item for doctors to puzzle about for years. Have a great visit in Dryden, hugs,

Rick said...

Coughing after an abdominal surgery? Ewe - that sounds bad.