Thursday, April 03, 2008

Finally off the treadmill...

For awhile there I was so behind I felt like I was running on a treadmill - working hard and not getting anywhere. As evidenced by my update list below, however, I think I've managed to run right off the treadmill and keep going!

Assignment Progress:

1. Anthro paper on cloth in Incan and Aztec society
2. Communications Topic Assignment II
3. Communications Topic Assignment III
4. Volcanology Lab 6
5. Volcanology Viscosity Lab (Due April 7) - 90%
6. Volcanology Lab 7
7. Volcanology Term Paper (Due April 7)
8. Prepare Communications presentation (Due April 8 or 9 - not set)
9. Receive corrections and rewrite Topic Assignments II and III (Due April 10)
10. Communications Poster (Due April 10)
11. Correct and rewrite Sapphire term paper
12. Thesis presentations assignment
13. Write abstract for Communications

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