Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2007: Year in Review

-Sean and I lived (mostly) apart due to school/work for almost 8 months and survived
-Sean got to live in residence
-I found out that even when I'm NOT in shape I can hike 12km through solid Canadian boreal forest (aka "bush")
-I lived and worked in Red Lake this summer
-We set a wedding date
-I picked my wedding and bridesmaid dresses
-We moved to a new heritage apartment we love
-Sean wowed the guys from the national headquarters of Games Workshop
-I got mysteriously ill and may or may not be fixed after many tests and surgery
-Despite missing at least 1/3 of my classes, I finished all my work
-I got a scholarship and two bursaries
-I got to use a scanning electron microscope

All in all, a pretty good year. Things have been wonderful for Sean and I, barring only whatever-the-heck this stomach problem is/was. It has put me a bit behind, as I'm trying to study for finals now and I ALSO need to try and complete an extra online class for my residency requirement, giving me 5 classes and my thesis. I'm not sure yet how well that's going to work, and I might have to give up my job. We'll see though, once school starts!

ETA: I'm "Karlie" on ravelry :)


Anonymous said...

Where can we find you on Ravelry ???

Shelly said...

Good luck Karlie, that's a lot to have on one's plate. Maybe you'll feel better once you can slow down a bit. Go Geologists!