Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Still no knitwear pictures (sorry) but I've been busy with school. My Geochem lab final went quite well, and I finished my Historical Arch. assignment. These assignments are things like ceramic dating, or determining original ethnicity of settlers from place names. They're usually about 12-14 hours of work, 1,000-1,500 words. So I'm glad the last one is done and I can hand it in today (technically, a day early!).

I still have my Igneous and Metamorphic lab final, a lab assignment due for that class (due before the final next week), I have to put the final touches on my Engineering Geology term paper, I have to write my Historical term paper, and study for the Historical final on Tuesday. No restful Easter for me!

Oh, and two other bits of news: My sister, who works at the *very* nice and fancy restaurant in my hometown, served Stephan Dion last night! Bad news though that Sean's first cat (who has lived with his parents since he moved out) got very sick a day or two ago and they put her down this morning. I loved Hobbes, she was orange and very cuddly, with a smattering of black across her nose.

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